Carvin NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar W/ G&G Case


Carvin NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar W/ G&G Case.



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Carvin NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar W/ G&G Case.

Excellent condition with a KILLER flamed top.

Comes with deluxe Carvin branded G&G hard case.

The real magic comes when you plug the NS1 into a guitar synth module using a 13 pin cable. The Hexaphonic pickup sends a signal of each string as well as a summed signal, out via this cable. This provides both synth and acoustic sounds to be created using the one 13-pin cable. The NS1 has a stacked volume control so the player can define the volume of both the piezo acoustic sound and MIDI synth access sound separately. A mini toggle switch provides onboard scrolling of MIDI synth patches when connected to a synth module.

The NS1 has a chambered body made of premium mahogany, a tonewood noted for it’s warmth. The neck is also mahogany. Two high-strength carbon-fiber reinforcing rods are placed in the neck along with a very stout and reliable easy to adjust dual action truss rod. The result is a neck that will remain true and adjustable for the life of the instrument, allowing you to spend more time playing and less time adjusting. A standard AAAA flamed maple top and matching classical-style headstock adds to the boutique looks of the instrument. Other top woods, such as AAAA quilted maple, highly figured flamed Hawaiian koa, flamed spaled maple or zebrawood can be ordered. The fingerboard is ebony, with no inlays, maintaining the classical guitar looks of the instrument. Standard hardware if gold. An ivory TUSQ nut and metallic gold headstock logo add just the right touch of class.

Kiesel Guitars worked very closely with Graph Tech when developing the pickup system on the NS1. The NS1 offers the newest and fastest MIDI access available. Gone are the days of slow MIDI guitar synths, the NS1 offers the newest cutting edge technology to bring together an awesome sounding acoustic piezo system together with the fastest MIDI access tracking. This is accomplished by allowing the hexaphonic signal of each string to be converted to MIDI by the outboard synth module, rather than converting inside the guitar. This yields the fastest tracking and the best acoustic tone all in one guitar.

The NS1 took 2 years to develop. The Custom Shop, Graph Tech and top Billboard jazz guitarist Steve Oliver all worked together to bring this instrument to life. Steve has been playing the original NS1 prototype on the road for several years, and this guitar has proven to be both a valuable studio instrument as well as road worthy.

The NS1 Nylon Synth Access Guitar offers the flavor of a nylon string acoustic with the addition of MIDI synth access. The NS1 features Kiesel Guitars expert Custom Shop guitar design. Action, playability and comfort is guaranteed to please any guitarist. The onboard piezo pickup can be used with or without a MIDI/Synth interface. By simply plugging a standard guitar cable into the NS1, you are able to play the guitar through any acoustic amp or PA. The active EQ circuits allow for full bottom end which will fool the audience and guitarist into thinking this is a full size acoustic body. The EQ features a Mid Sweep that brings incredible EQ power to dial in the perfect acoustic tone on any amplification system.