Fender Cyber-Twin 2 x 65-Watt 2×12 Modeling Guitar Combo Amp



Fender Cyber-Twin 2 x 65-Watt 2×12 Modeling Guitar Combo Amp.

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Fender Cyber-Twin 2 x 65-Watt 2×12 Modeling Guitar Combo Amp.

I have 2 of these, one with the slip cover and footswitch and one without. These are best controlled with a midi-controller anyway, in order to get the most out of them.

These are largely forgotten amps at this point, which is too bad because they were some of the best modeling amps ever made. I can tell you from first hand experience having gigged with one of these when they first came out, that you can get a plethora of killer tones out of them.

Easy to work with and program, these amps do it all, PLUS the knobs are motorized and move by themselves! HA! Beat that, Kemper!

If you had to have 1 amp to do it all, on a budget, you could do a lot worse than one of these.

From Fender:

Fender announces the Cyber-Twin – an amplifier so revolutionary that it will change the way guitar players think about amplification from now on.

Fender created this amp of the future by looking to the past, with the most in-depth analysis of classic, vintage amplifiers ever undertaken by a manufacturer.

What Is It
For over 50 years, the Fender name has been synonymous with quality, reliability, flexibility, innovation – and tone, tone, tone! In that time, Fender has revolutionized the way instruments are made and how music is played, and some of the most-revered and recorded amplifiers have sported the Fender nameplate – from the “Mother of all amps,” the Bassman¬, and the “hardest working amp in show business,” the Twin Reverb¬, to modern masters like the Vibro-King¬, Tone Master¬, and the Hot Rod Deluxe¬.

Fender’s success among musicians can be attributed to the fact that they’ve continued to incorporate years of design innovation with current technologies. “Keeping an eye on the future without ever forgetting our past,” is their maxim. And in the year 2001, appropriately, they’ve launched one of the most ambitious, and technologically advanced products: The Cyber-Twin.

The seed was sown in conversation. The idea of making a do-it-all guitar amp, blossomed into an engineering crusade. The “quest for tone” culminated in an all-star gathering. Players, collectors and Fender design guru’s sequestered themselves in a New York basement with a private collection read more

The Basics
Output: 2 x 65 Watts at 8 Ohms (130 Watts total)Speakers: 2 x 12 in. Celestion 8 Ohm G12T-100Tubes: 2 (two) GT 12AX7WA

Dimensions (H x W x D): 46.4 x 66.4 x 30.8 cm (18-9/32 x 26-1/8 x 12-1/8 in.)

Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs.)

Onboard Guitar Tuner

205Amplifier Design Presets
Custom Shop (including FX; permanent): 85

Your Amp Collection (permanent): 35

Player’s Lounge (rewritable): 85

individual effects selections to choose from (each with 4 or 5 adjustable parameters): 28

Reverb types (each with 4 adjustable parameters): 11

Tone Stacks (each with 2 Location parameters, before or after the Distortion Circuitry): 4

Noise Gate level settings (with 1 adjustable depth parameter): 3

Timbre types (for room acoustics or tone boosts): 4

Line/Speaker Polarity selections (all possible combinations): 4

Bypass Reverb/Effects selections (all possible combinations): 8

Quick Access Keys provide assignment and recall of favorite Amp Design Presets: 4

Button Footswitch: 4

Expression Pedal Jack: 1

Display and Control Panel
Character, 2-line display presents menu options, prompts, and general information: 40

Dynamic Data Wheel: 1

Motorized Knobs Drive Circuitry: 8

Continuous Controllers for auto-control by external: 23

MIDI equipment (sequencer/computer)
Assignable Continuous Controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter: 1

System Exclusive functions for transferring Amp Design Presets and system updates: 4

Output Interfaces
Stereo Digital Line Output, RCA S/PDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment: 1

Stereo XLR Line Output, impedance balanced jacks, with 2 mono/stereo settings: 2

Effects Loop jacks, mono out, mono or stereo in, with 2 switchable pre-amp levels: 3