Friedman ASM-12 500-watt 1×12″ Active Modeler / Profiler Monitor



Friedman ASM-12 500-watt 1×12″ Active Modeler / Profiler Monitor-New condition.

500-watt, 1×12″ Full-range Powered Extension Speaker Cabinet, with Tilt-back Design, 12″ LF Driver, and 1.75″ HF Driver



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New condition. Never left the studio and was barely used.

Friedman Quality Tone for Your Modeler

The Friedman ASM-12 active amplifier modeler/profiler monitor lets you get great live guitar tone through your amp modeling devices. Many of today’s amp emulations create spot-on replications to a real amp, but one thing that simply can’t be modeled is the feel of a real speaker pushing air. With the ASM-12, you can run your digital emulations into it for the unmistakable sound and feel of a real speaker filling the room. Play through the Friedman ASM-12 and get the most out of your amp modeling devices.

Friedman qualityThe name Friedman Amplification is synonymous with high-quality electric guitar products. Dave Friedman has been building and modding gear for some of the most respected names in electric guitar for years. Seeing a trend toward using direct modeled signals onstage, Mr. Friedman answered the call with the ASM-12 active amplifier modeler/profiler monitor. You can have all of the attention to detail, amazingly accurate tone, and premium components that Friedman is known for in an onstage amp for your modeling-based rig.

Class-G amplifier that’s anything but digitalAt the heart of the ASM-12 is an analog 500-watt bi-Amp Class G power amplifier. This amp design, proprietary to Friedman Amplification, delivers rich, full tone and a wide frequency response. This allows the ASM-12 to not only be used as a guitar stage monitor, but it’s also suited for backline, or even as your main PA speaker. And the 500-watt power rating should be enough for almost any situation where you need it to perform.

Low-profile onstage designThough the ASM-12 can be used in a myriad of ways, it’s tilt-back design lends itself to sitting on the floor in front of you, delivering your carefully-dialed guitar tones right to your ears. The benefits of this are two-fold. Instead of your tone hitting the back of your legs (like many amp designs have done for years) you’ll hear your sound as it comes out of the speaker. Plus, it looks right at home and is unobtrusive on a performance stage. It’ll sit quite happily right next to your main stage monitor.

Friedman ASM-12 Active Guitar Monitor Features:

  • Active modeler/profiler monitor
  • Tuned for guitar with a 12″ Celestion speaker
  • Plenty of headroom with 500-watts of power
  • Tilt-back floor monitor design brings the sound to you
  • Line-level out lets you add more monitors
  • Can be pole mounted for use as a PA speaker
  • Durable birch construction