Soldano 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cab W/Celestion Greenbacks



Soldano 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cab W/Celestion Greenbacks.



Roadhouse USA location:

Soldano 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cab W/Celestion Greenbacks.

Cab is in very good condition and comes as pictured with casters.

The greenbacks are a nice bonus with this cab.

From Soldano:

All SOLDANO speaker cabinets are made with top quality 13mm and 19mm thin ply Russian birch plywood and feature solid single piece construction.  There are no removable back panels or baffles.  All joints are glued and nailed together.  The grilles are attached with velcro and pull off for easy access to the speakers.  Speakers are front-loaded and the cabinet front and back are braced internally for an extremely stiff, rigid box and tight, solid bass.  The corners, side handles and jack plates are all steel, not plastic.  Corners are available in either nickel plate or black powder coat finish.  Our standard colors are Black, Purple, Red, Orange, Navy Blue, Regency (medium) Blue, Vintage Cream, White, and Boa (black & white snakeskin print).  We offer many more custom-order colors, such as metalflake sparkle Naugahydes as well.  Standard grille coverings are Black, Black Sparkle, Silver, and Oxblood.  As with the cabinet covering, other custom-order grille coverings are available by request.  We use USA-made Eminence Legend V1216 loudspeakers in all of our cabinets.  We find this is an excellent-sounding, well-balanced speaker with a voicing that compliments our amplifiers beautifully.  Cabinets are also available empty should you prefer to load your own speakers.

The SOLDANO 2×12 SPEAKER CABINET is a sealed back cabinet.  Due to its large internal volume per speaker, this cabinet has extremely deep bass response and the “chug” normally found only in 4×12 cabinets.

MSRP $1,045
MSRP (empty) $935
Maximum Power Capacity: 100 watts
Impedance: 8 ohms
Weight: 52 lbs.
Size: 18″H x 28″W x 14″D
Speakers: Two 12″ USA-made Eminence Legend V1216