Tone King Majesty 45 Tube Guitar Amp Head/Matching 2-12 Cab



Tone King Majesty 45 Tube Guitar Amp Head & Matching 2×12 Cab. Excellent condition. Shows a few tiny marks on the cab, otherwise mint.



Roadhouse USA location:

Tone King Majesty 45 Tube Guitar Amp Head & Matching 2×12 Cab.

Much like all Tone King amps, this one sounds awesome and is great to look at as well.

Amp is in great shape with just a couple tiny marks on the cab. As you can see by the pics, it is basically showroom condition. Get this one while you can, this model is not offered by Tone King anymore.




The Majesty is a genuine milestone for Tone King, as it’s the first Tone King amp that delivers the best of the vintage British sound.

The Majesty is inspired by the sound of the early Marshall amps, and you will certainly hear elements of the old Bluesbreaker, JTM45, and JMP50 in the sound of this amp. However, the Majesty is no mere clone of a vintage amp. It is very much a new design which captures the essence of those fine vintage amps, but goes further as well.

Mark Bartel on the design process of the Majesty:


“I used the same approach to the design process as I always have in the past. It all starts with critical listening, in order to understand the qualities – good and bad – that define the sound of these iconic vintage British amps. Then, relying simply on engineering know-how and past experience, I developed circuit designs to deliver more of the good and less of the bad qualities, for an idealized version of those iconic tones we all know and love. I made no attempt to duplicate the design or construction of the originals, since my goal was to go beyond the limitations of those classis designs. As always, half of the design effort went into the voicing of the speaker cabinets. The goal was to capture the low-end thump, chunk, and presence of a certain vintage “basketweave” 4×12 which is a big part of that sound, but do it in a smaller, lighter, more convenient package – 1×12 and 2×12. This was the most difficult design I’ve done in several years, since it was so entirely different from the Fender voicings I had been familiar with. Regardless, I am delighted with the sound of the Majesty cabs, and I think they are an excellent match for the amp.


To top it off, I added a number of additional useful features. I developed a special version of the Ironman attenuator, with a reactive load tuned specifically for this amp, as well as an extremely transparent effects loop and a very useful line-out circuit.”


  • Head
  • Matching 2×12 Extension cabinet available


  • Single Channel
  • Vol, Treb, Mid, Bass, Presence

Output Power: 45W

Tubes: 3x 12AX7,  1x6V6,  2xEL34 (can also accept 2x6L6)


  • Built-In Ironman Precision Power Attenuator
  • Precision Tuned Reactive Load
  • Transformer Coupling
  • Specially tuned for this model

FX Loop:

  • Tube Buffered
  • Series only
  • Bypass switch on front panel


  • Line level output with adjustable level control (on back panel)
  • Generated from speaker output – retains same tone as amp driving a speaker
  • Can be used to drive a larger amp, PA, mixing board, headphone amp, etc.
  • Approx 1v p/p maximum level


  • Bias test jacks & adjustment on back panel
  • Screen voltage test jacks & adjustment on back panel


  • Head:         24 1/8″ (wide) x  9″ (tall)  x  9 5/8″ (deep)
  • 2×12 Ext:    27 3/4″ (wide) x 16 3/8″ (tal) x 11 3/4″ (deep)

Design & Construction

Output Stage: Fixed Bias (bias adjustment & test points on back panel)

Rectifier / Power Supply:

  • Solid state diode rectifier
  • Specially tuned power supply to enhance growl and snarl while reducing buzziness

Screen regulator:

  • 6V6 tube screen regulator
  • Screen voltage adjustment and test points on back panel
  • Reduces sag without hardening the feel of the amp
  • Provides ability to fine tune the attack, overdrive characteristics, and feel of the amp
  • Extends tube life


  • Eminence speaker, custom designed
  • Modeled after vintage Celestion G12M

Speaker Cabs:

  • Custom Tuning inspired by vintage 4×12
  • Open Back
  • Tuned to retain “full stack” feel at low volume
  • Baltic Birch Baffle
  • Canadian Birch Body

*Tone King Majesty has been renamed the Tone King Royalist (Majesty will not produced anymore). This is a collectible item.