Vintage Rivera S120 Guitar Tube Amp Head



Vintage Rivera S120 Guitar Tube Amp Head.



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Vintage Rivera S120 Guitar Tube Amp Head

Very nice condition and you can see by the pics. Sounds great at any volume and is capable of SO many tonal variations.

Rivera amps were/are some of the best built guitars amps ever made. Grab this one while you can, you do not see them very often.

Some info:


All Tube Stereo 120watt (60watt per side) 2 channel guitar amplifier with built in chorus/reverb.
These full-featured amps are hand-built and hand wired with such exotic materials as silver plated Teflon insulated wire, Switchcraft jacks, enormous power and output transformers, all housed in Finland Birch Plywood cabinets

S120 Stereo models feature two independent preamp channels each with its own distinct sonic signature, with an extra third distortion sound called Slavemaster. Slavemaster is a small amplifier that emulates a 5watt class “A” amp that is used as a slaved amp distortion. The level and Gain controls of the Slavemaster allow you to adjust the volume and overdrive amount of this circuit. “Bluesbrakers like distortion at a controllable volume.”

The S120 was designed in 1986 and is the flag ship of the early M&S series.

Channel 1 features the SL voicing of the famous TBR series rack series amps for ultimate “Old School” metal (think Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions). Back off the gain, add chorus and reverb and you have a Gilmour or Eric Johnson tone, right out of the box!

The S120 has a Lo and Hi sensitivity input. To provide greater versatility, many controls feature additional performance when pushed or pulled. Channel 1 features two gain boosts. Pulling the Bass control activates Gain boost stage 1. Pulling the Treble control activates Gain boost 2. Channel one also features a Mid-notch when pulling the middle control.
Channel 2 features a treble pull bright, Middle pull notch and a Bass pull contour. The Mid-notch allows you to go between a blackface to tweed type of tone. The Contour control increases the bass response, while compressing the midrange and giving a gentle push on the high-end.

Channel 2’s Master control features a pull for power amp boost.
The Chorus features a Speed and Depth control. When pulling the Depth control, a presence boost is activated.
The S120 was the first Tube guitar amp to offer a true stereo effects loop with send and return controls. The effects loop is post-preamp and pre-power amp and also foot switchable.

Slavemaster is a separate third channel. Slavemaster simulates having a big amplifier powered at full blast through load resistors which produces output stage distortion and serves the function of a power attenuator. The Gain and Level controls function similarly to Volume and Master controls on an amplifier. Slavemaster also has its own effects loop on the rear panel, so you can have individual effects just on the Slavemaster channel for that “step on lead” sound.

Controls on the rear panel include the power class switch (pentode/triode) which changes the nature of how the tubes operate as well as how the signal flows through the amplifier. This can vary the sound from silky and soft in the Triode setting to a full power brightened tone in the Pentode position. Each power amp has individual Triode/Pentode Power Class switches allowing the power amp wattage to be cut in half.

Rear Panel Jacks include: two parallel speaker jacks, line out, Effects Send and two Returns, Slavemaster Send and Return, and the Footswitch connectors.

Patching in external stereo signal processing through the Effects Loop allows unparalled integration of your own personal sound.  On the front panel, the 3 position standby switch allows the power amp to be reduced to 25% of its normal rating.