Bogner Atma 112CB 18/5/1-watt 1×12″ Handwired Tube Combo Amp Carbon Black



18/5/1-watt 3-channel, All-tube 1×12″ Guitar Combo Amplifier – Carbon Black



Mint condition Bogner Atma combo amp. Very cool amp capable of a huge range of tones.

Wide Tonal Range in a Stylish Package

Bogner’s stylish all-tube Atma 112CB guitar amplifier combo offers a wide range of tones and power options to work flawlessly on any gig. The amp’s three channels deliver chimey cleans to crunch tones from the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. A pair of EL84 power tubes and a built-in power attenuator let you choose between 18 watts, five watts, or the bedroom-friendly 1-watt setting. And the Atma’s carbon fiber-wrapped wood cabinet and salt & pepper grille have a stylish and unique look. The Bogner Atma combo guitar amplifier adds a touch of class and a wide tonal palette to your rig.

Deep palette of tones

The 18-watt Bogner Atma guitar combo amp puts out huge sound. Its three channels can be switched to the iconic crunch tones of amps from the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s. These era selections change Atma’s gain, voicing, and compression to produce the tones that defined each decade. And the built-in power attenuator (18 watts, 5 watts, or 1 watt) lets you dial in the amp’s gain and headroom for use on gigs, in the studio, or in your bedroom. Bogner’s Atma 18-watt 1 x 12″ combo amp delivers style and tonal versatility in a single package.

Handcrafted quality

Bogner amps and cabinets are handcrafted using only the finest components available. When you plug into a Bogner, you’re not simply getting premium tone; you’re getting the value of a piece of gear that’s made to handle the rigors of the road and be played for years to come. From speakers to power amps, cabinets to cosmetics, Bogner amps and cabs are built to give you one of the best and most reliable playing experiences in the market. That’s why Sweetwater is so proud to bring you the Atma 112CB electric guitar combo amplifier.

Bogner Atma Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

  • 1 x 12″ all-tube guitar amplifier combo
  • 3 channels include clean, crunch, and lead
  • Power attenuator offers 18 watts, 5 watts, or 1 watt
  • 3-way voicing control
  • Powered by EL84 power tubes with an EC81 rectifier tube
  • 3-way bright switch
  • Add your favorite pedals via the effects loop
  • Compact carbon fiber-wrapped wood enclosure