Randall RM100 Tube Guitar Amp Head W/3 MTS Modules Jaded Faith Modified


Randall RM100 Tube Guitar Amp Head W/3 MTS Modules Jaded Faith Modified.



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Randall RM100 Tube Guitar Amp Head with Jaded Faith Mod.

These are getting nearly impossible to find and with good reason; they sound awesome and are incredibly versatile.

This one is in excellent condition and comes with 3 MTS modules:

Blackface, Clean and Recto, the Recto one being particularly killer.

If you are reading this you know what the amp is. Many modules are available for it.

I am not sure what the Jaded Faith mod entailed. I don’t know if they simply modded the modules:) or if there was more done to the amp itself. I DO know that this amp sounds exceptional, whatever the reasons.



Randall RM 100 Guitar Head The RM100 is both traditional & modern technology rolled into one amplifier. First you have 3 independent modular channels that can be loaded with your choice and combination of the available tube preamp modules. Load each channel with a preamp tone that fits only your needs with the ability to expand your arsenal anytime a new tone is needed. 3 Modules, 100 Watts, 6L6 Power tubes, MIDI in/thru, Master Volume, Presence, Density controls, Parallel loop w/front panel mix control, Series loop, Rear tube bias section, Slave out. Great condition. No visible dings, dents or scratches on this one!

Randall RM100M MTS is one of the most flexible all tube guitar amplifiers, preamps, and combos ever created. Here is a demonstration video created by Vince Genella. Vince Genella takes you through some of the features and demonstrates the Clean, Plexi, and XTC Modules on the Randall MTS.

The Randall RM100 MTS is an extremely versatile 3-channel amplifier head that melds tradition and technology together. 3 independent channels can be loaded with your choice of any of the available tube preamp modules — The demo video demonstrates the Clean, Plexi, and XTC Modules. You can set this head up with tones that exactly fit your needs, then expand your arsenal anytime you like.

Enjoy the ease of replacing your power tubes anytime you like, with the very user-friendly power tube bias section. If a tube fails, no problem, the amp will kick that tube out of the circuit, and a small LED will light by the tube that fails.

Connect your RM100 MTS amplifier to any MIDI-capable external processor and program individual effects to each channel. With the MIDI in/thru, simply select your channel and external effect, using the included RF3 MIDI footswitch. The footswitch will select both the RM100 channel and effect you want at the same time. Also check out the Randall RM100KM MTS Guitar Amplifier. All modules include 2 – 12AX7 preamp tubes, 3 band EQ with bright switch, and level control.